SEKOU SMITH – 2/15/16 writer

“He’s been gracious. He got a little emotional tonight. I thought he was going to get choked up when he made some remarks to the crowd, but he held it together, and he’s been good about understanding his place in the game now, that he’s no longer that alpha dog anymore. He’s not trying to do things that he can’t do. He knew to let the young guys – Westbrook, Paul George and all these guys – have the stage tonight. It wasn’t about just him. I think he did a nice job getting out of the way and letting the young guys do their thing.”
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USA Today columnist

“Because it’s so unlikely that you would be talking about Peyton Manning. I’ve had high school and college friends email me and say, ‘Wait a minute, Peyton Manning? We’re talking about Peyton Manning?’ So I think that’s part of it and then this prism of post-Ray Rice, domestic violence, sexual assault – the things we’re still concerned about with the NFL and throughout society – and it’s being looked at through that prism.”
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FS1 college basketball insider

“Look, I think Oklahoma could win it all, I think Kansas could win it all – I think another dozen teams could win it all. But when you’re looking at resumes, Kansas is the only team with nine top-50 RPI wins. The fact that they went and beat Oklahoma at Oklahoma is stunning. Oklahoma is a really, really good team. I think they’re a 1-seed. I have them as a 1-seed in my bracket. So to me, Kansas has just a little bit of separation from the rest of the teams in the field.”
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CBS Sports golf analyst

“But if he cannot play again, I don’t think he will come out as a ceremonial golfer just to show up to play. In my mind, he will only play if he feels he can win and compete. So that’s the tricky part. When he is able to start training again, how capable will he be – how able will he be – to put the effort in to get to being competitive again?”
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