CHRIS KNIGHT – 2/22/16 reporter

“Obviously Denny said he had to make that decision to pit and change four tires because he messed up on that last pit stop. He slid his tires and better to be safe than sorry. His team changed four tires instead of two and luckily he was able to work his way back up. But what an absolutely amazing finish. You weren’t sure who really won, and when Denny Hamlin was declared the winner, you were just kind of left speechless because it was such an awesome finish.”
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Former NFL GM

“If you phrase things right and go after these guys in the right way – and you have every opportunity – (it can be beneficial). The Combine is unbelievably invaluable to a personnel evaluator. If you ask the right questions, you’re going to get the right answers or you’re going to get a good feel for it.”
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LON KRUGER – 2/24/16
Oklahoma head coach

“All of a sudden, the pressure shifted a little bit, we’re not making shots and our energy defensively – because we’re not making shots – is diminished a little bit. I think the guys stepped back and they recognized what they had been going through and kind of rededicated themselves to getting back to playing for each other and competing like crazy and having fun – and I thought they did do that in Morgantown.”
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DENNY HAMLIN – 2/26/16
Daytona 500 winner

“We’re focused straight out front. You can feel the car beside you, but I really couldn’t see where he was relative to me. So it was kind of awhile there before we knew we had won. But you can feel it. As a driver, someone that’s experienced, you get a feel for where those cars are at, and I knew it was really close at the end.”
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