Denver 104.3 radio host

“Absolutely worth it. It was four years ago when John Elway pulled off the greatest get ever in free agency. It was unbelievable. Twitter was unbelievable here in Denver around that time with rumors. It was really, really fun. So this is the full circle of that. And with that is four AFC Championships, two appearances in the Super Bowl and a Super Bowl victory.”
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Ravens radio analyst

“He definitely has done things to defenses as far as just recognizing what the defense is. Obviously he’s done a tremendous job as as far as throwing TDs, but I think the red zone – the way in which he was able to just slice and dice a defense no matter what you did (was incredible). Play-action passes inside the 5-yard line (worked) to perfection with him. I think the little details like that, just the way he was able to define and redefine the quarterback position, really spoke volumes of just who he was as a talented athlete.”
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SEAN GRANDE – 3/9/16
Celtics radio voice

“Last year, the playoff series begins and the Celtics had finished 24-12, so there was, I think, undue optimism. There were some people who publicly here should know better who were predicting the Celtics to win that series and beat the Cavs, which was just absurd. You’re in an awkward position sometimes as the voice of a team. People would say, ‘Hey, this person thinks the Celtics are going to win the series. What do you think?’ I’m like, ‘Umm, well, I don’t quite (think that’s going to happen).’ What I said was the Celtics would be fortunate to win a game and of course they didn’t. Do I think that’s a 4-0 series again? I think the Celtics are clearly closer than they were a year ago.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I don’t know what Brock Osweiler is. I don’t know that anybody knows what Brock Osweiler is. Yes, he’ll be playing in a poor division next year, but he’s never had this kind of pressure on him before, to live up to that contract and everything. That’s going to be something else for him.”
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JERRY PALM – 3/11/16
CBS Sports bracketology expert

“It’s the same guys doing largely the same things, but shots aren’t falling. You can tell they press at times. Especially as this losing streak has snowballed, you can see guys trying too hard. It’s the kind of stuff that you’d normally see teams that are pressing do. I think it’s just kind of gotten away from them a little bit. They’re still a pretty good team, but they just aren’t putting it all together. I really think it’s more between the ears right now than it is anything athletic.”
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