LEIGH KLEIN – 3/14/16
Slam Magazine college basketball analyst

“It’s all about brands in college sports. These are brands, and brands sell. That’s why they place North Carolina in Raleigh and Villanova in Brooklyn and then maybe in Philly. The opportunity is to be able to sell the tickets. At the beginning part of the bracket, everything is really exciting those first four days. But once your bracket blows up, like most of America, you got to have sort of the teams that people know left standing in order to keep the fair-weather fan interested in college hoops for this month. So I think there’s a lot of pressure in that regard. The NCAA is walking a fine line. We’ve seen what happened with college football. The power conferences kind of took the ball and are doing their own thing. They don’t want that to happen in basketball.”
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St. Joseph’s head coach

“Look, they hijacked this tournament last year and made it about the Power 5. I haven’t looked at it closely enough this year to say the Power 5 got an advantage, but the Atlantic-10 is the best basketball-centric conference in America, and for us to have one of our regular-season co-champions not be in, it’s wrong. I know that we’ll do a lot of studying and the Atlantic-10, led by (commissioner) Bernadette McGlade, will have an answer.”
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JOSH PERKINS – 3/14/16
Gonzaga PG

“He can score at any time from anywhere. Honestly, it makes it easier for me. Defenses are so worried about him that it creates shots for the other guys. But he’s one of the best scorers I’ve ever played with. He’s great on the court and he’s an even better person. He’s like a brother off the court. I can’t even explain it. It’s unbelievable playing with this guy.”
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Texas A&M head coach

“That’s not something you always get. You’ve got young guys who have accepted their roles and have not come in and tried to disrupt (anything). That’s what’s made it special with both groups. They put their egos aside and embraced each other. That’s why we’ve been successful.”
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SCOTT NAGY – 3/15/16
South Dakota State head coach

“They’ve seen the bodies, they’ve seen the athleticism. We play four seniors quite a bit, so they’ve been through this. Our kids know what it’s like. I think really for us it’s one of the first times all year the pressure’s been off. We were expected to win the league. We were expected to do very well in our tournament. And so for one of the few times all year, (the pressure is kind of off). Nobody expects us to do anything. I think our kids can relax.”
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RANDY RAHE – 3/16/16
Weber State head coach

“Obviously it means a lot for your program. It’s source of great pride for your university and for your community. It also means a lot for recruiting. It’s nice to be able to walk into a kid’s home and say, ‘Hey, if you want to come to a winning program, we’ve been there and done that.’ It’s really valuable for that. But also within your program, you want to build a culture of winning. So when you do bring in new groups every year, they understand that, ‘Hey, this is a winning program. Look what these guys have done in the past. This is what the expectations are coming in.’ I think winning breeds winning. So there’s a lot of different variables to it, and all of them are very positive. There’s a lot of things you can take away from it for sure.”
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VIN PARISE – 3/17/16
SNY, NBC, FOX college basketball analyst

“You look at how much experience Bill Self has at Kansas. Perry Ellis seems like he’s been there 19 years. I just think these stronger veteran teams are not going to get clipped early, but there’s a couple upsets out there that could break people’s brackets. We could still have some fun.”
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