JERRY PALM – 3/22/16
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“And it’s hard to make a Sweet 16 run from a lower seed because those teams, while they might be good, they’re not good consistently. That’s why they’re lower seeds and it’s hard to win two games in three days against much higher quality competition, which is why you don’t see it very often.”
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STEVE PROHM – 3/23/16
Iowa State head coach

“It’s why you just got to keep playing. In March, anything is possible. That’s why it’s an honor to be part of the Sweet 16 because there’s only a few of us left playing. . . . The first two days or first four days are kind of for the underdogs and the great TV and the Cinderella. But most of the time, the Sweet 16 is usually going to have 13 or 14 BCS programs. This year it’s 15 and Gonzaga, which is really another high major.”
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TOM HACKETT – 3/23/16
NFL Draft prospect

“I was reading a paper and it said, ‘If you hear rumbling throughout the night, don’t worry, it’s just a train.’ I didn’t think much of it and then 11:30 at night came along and the place felt like an earthquake of a magnitude of about an 8 was coming through. My roommate, who was about 300 pounds, jumped out of his bed. That happened at 11:30, 2:30 and 4:30 every morning.”
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CBS sideline reporter

“We’re standing court side, he hits that shot, and we look at each other like ‘We have the moment.’ B-A had this amazing call and I say that because he laid out and he let you just hear what was going on in that arena and the emotion after that. It’s the greatest event to me because there is so much emotion, it’s just different than a professional sport. Talking to Greg Gard after, talking to Bronson, his teammates coming up to him–honestly, if I didn’t do another tournament game I’d feel like I was blessed to be able to do something like that because those are the moments you live for.”
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Former NBA guard

“These schools get an opportunity to have guys around for three and four years so that they learn how to play with one another. They make up the difference for what they may not have in overall individual talent, as a collective unit they are very tough to beat. That’s why we’re seeing every year the upsets start to become more of a regularity. You see these schools that are considered to be smaller schools still have great success against your normal, big-time Division I programs. I enjoy every moment of it.”
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DAN DICKAU – 3/25/16
Pac-12 Network analyst

“You have to give those guards a lot of credit for staying with Coach Few’s message and believing it. And the coaching staff as well to just continue to understand ‘hey it’s a process’.”
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