Fox Sports West columnist

“They’ve got so much experience (and) consistency. These guys work hard, and they do not miss games. When have you heard that? That a group of guys have been together that long without injuries for 104 games? That’s three seasons’ worth.”
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STEVE LAPPAS – 3/29/16
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“I know people focus in on the three-point shooting, which, they’ve been on fire in the NCAA Tournament prior to the Kansas game, but what’s gotten this team where it is is the way they play defense every day. When they shoot threes the way they shot it in the first three rounds of the NCAA Tournament, they’re beating people by 20, 25. When they don’t shoot threes, they’re beating a team like Kansas by four of five points. That may have been the best team in the tournament. So this is a Villanova team that plays great defense. If they make threes, they are an elite, elite team. That’s why they have a chance to win a championship. They will guard. The question is, are you going to be able to shoot enough to win the title? They definitely are capable.”
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ESPN reporter

“Now it’s the opposite. His eyes just lit up. He was like, ‘This team is special.’ And that’s the stuff you don’t fake. You’re around the clubhouse, you’re around the team, you’re watching, and I’d put my money on the Diamondbacks right now from the NL West.”
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NBA TV and TNT reporter

“And I don’t know this – I haven’t talked to Popovich about this – but I just wonder if his team had gotten off to the start that the Warriors did, or any team for that matter, I just don’t know how you can’t go for it at some point of the season.”
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Lions offensive lineman

“It’s hard to treat them. Rest is how you treat them. It does fall on the players a bit to report concussions. Nowadays, we know what is going on. It was clear that 30 years ago, 20 years ago, that information was not out there. But now it is. We know what the risks are. I know when I go out there that I could get a concussion. I know that CTE is a possibility.”
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