Thursday was supposed to be the best night of Laremy Tunsil’s life – and hey, he was drafted 13th overall by the Miami Dolphins. Nothing wrong with that.

Unfortunately for Tunsil, his Twitter account was hacked, a video was posted of him smoking marijuana out of a gas mask, and incriminating screen shots surfaced suggesting that he received illicit benefits from the Ole Miss coaching staff.

And that was just over the course of a few hours.

“I’ve covered a lot of whacky and wild stuff,” CBS Sports national columnist Bill Reiter said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “It might have been the most surreal evening I’ve ever experienced – watching the ugly side of the internet hijack the NFL Draft and the very well-oiled machinery that usually is the NFL’s ability to take these nights celebrate itself to America.”

Tunsil was remarkably candid in his post-draft press conference, addressing both the video and the text messages.

“That was the craziest part,” Reiter said. “So he comes in and he sits down and everyone’s like ‘All right, it’s time to ask him.’ We bring up Twitter and he says, ‘Yeah, that was me. I made mistakes.’ Okay, that’s the answer you expect. Then he is asked about those screen grabs of the text messages.”

Initially, Tunsil said he did not receive money from his Ole Miss coaches. When asked about it again, however, he admitted that he did. Then a random woman pulled Tunsil from the press conference.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Reiter said. “A mystery woman bursts on to the stage, shuts down the press conference. I’ve never seen her before. No one else has ever seen her. I talked to the guy who covers Ole Miss. He’s never seen her. No one knows who she is and she ushers Tunsil out. We’re all looking at each other like, ‘Did this just happen?’ It was all very bizarre.”

In other news, Reiter loved Roger Goodell’s response to the incessant booing he received.

“Unless I saw it wrong, a couple of times I’m pretty sure he winked or did the guy-nod to people booing him,” Reiter said. “Hey man, if that’s part of the deal, I guess you embrace it. Maybe he has taken over David Stern’s role of just sort of bonding with the people who are screaming and booing and using swear words and pejoratives at him as he tries to do his job.”


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