PAUL JONES – 5/2/16
Raptors radio voice

“I thought they did a nice job of getting him the ball where he didn’t have to beat somebody with the dribble. He made some terrific moves, hit some really big shots. There’s an old adage in the biggest games that your best players need to be your best players – and he was one of their best players tonight, no question.”
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Fox Sports Southwest Spurs reporter
“We saw it a little bit in the Memphis series. Well, the Thunder aren’t the Grizzlies, and I know that’s painfully obvious. And really, no one joined LaMarcus Aldridge tonight. It was Aldridge and Kawhi Leonard, and normally for this Spurs team, the bench is going to score and you’re going to see what their role players can do. It really was just LaMarcus Aldridge tonight and no one else.”
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TYSON NASH – 5/4/16
Former NHL player

“Things have changed. The rules have changed. You’re not allowed to make those big hits, especially when the head is the point of contact. So they’re calling it tight. I like the consistency. I think as a player, that’s all you really want – to make sure that the refs in the NHL are being consistent with the suspensions that are given out. Obviously they want to take away the head shots and the concussion issues that we’ve seen in football and now with hockey. I think that’s a real good thing for our game.”
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U.S. women’s soccer team attorney

“I’ve never been affiliated with any legal issue that has received such overwhelming, widespread support as this one – not just in North America, but around the world. We’ve had offers of support from everyplace form Australia to Europe to China to Japan to the Middle East and Africa. This has really struck a chord with women and people generally interested in fair pay around the globe.”
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Blazers radio voice

“Certainly they were within striking distance of being able to get even in the series knowing they were coming home for the next two and knowing they were still probably going to face a Warriors team that isn’t certain about when Steph Curry is coming back. So at least they could have put some doubt in the world champs’ minds a bit and would have beaten them for a second time going back to the one that they had during the regular season. We’ll see how they bounce back. That was certainly a tough one.”
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