CBS Sports NBA insider

“A lot of players say in the playoffs that every game is different, and it sounds like a cliche, but I think this postseason has been the best example of that. We’ve seen in the first game of that Spurs/Thunder series, afterward the question was can Oklahoma City even hang in there with them? Can they even compete? Or is this going to be a relatively quick series?”
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MONTE POOLE – 5/10/16
CSN Bay Area Warriors insider

“Took them into overtime and the Warriors were looking at 2-2 going back to Oakland for Game 5. Steph, in overtime, was beyond incredible. It just seemed as if he had found something that had been missing. This wasn’t Steph playing at an MVP level; this was him playing at a level beyond what we see normally from anyone on this planet. This was just something otherworldly. To have him score 17 points in five minutes in a playoff game – think about that.”
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ALEX KENNEDY – 5/11/16
Basketball Insiders managing editor

“I also think Boris Diaw, if they want to go small, they could put him in there. He’s someone that’s very versatile. He’s someone that, in the past, has completely changed series for them. He’s someone that can change a series because he’s so versatile, play multiple positions, match up with different guys. He’s not Draymond Green obviously, but he’s someone that can play so many positions and facilitate and defend and rebound, so I think that’s who I would go with.”
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SiriusXM NBA radio host

“I’m still not fearful of Oklahoma City. I just am not a big fan of Oklahoma City. I think they’ve done it with (Kevin) Durant and (Russell) Westbrook getting hot in all of these games. Steven Adams has stepped up and done a nice job, but I still think the decision-making, the coaching, the defense overall of Oklahoma City makes them the easiest series here for them. I think San Antonio is the toughest.”
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NICK KYPREOS – 5/13/16
Former NHL player

“St. Louis has always been a team in the Western Conference that we sat there and questioned why haven’t they gotten over the hump? Both these teams coming into the Western Conference Final look like they’re destined, but one of them can’t move on to a Stanley Cup Final. I really think it’s a pick-em series.”
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