Daily Oklahoman columnist

“That’s the thing that I think was particularly interesting. No retaliation, they seemed to get even more locked in and more focused and just really hit the accelerator, just really kind of cruised from there. It turned the tide but kind of in an interesting way, I think, for the Thunder as they locked in even more after that happened.”
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KEN CARMAN – 5/24/16
Cleveland’s 92.3 morning host

“I don’t know if a lot of people have been calling out LeBron or anything like that. I think it has been the play of two of the guys inside (Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson) who have really been unable to produce for you. You have Jonas Valanciunas out of this game and out of this series. In the first coupe of games, they took care of business. Ever since they got up into Toronto, Toronto has controlled their post the way they wanted to control their post and they let the Cavs go out and try to hit shots. They went ice cold yesterday.”
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CSN Bay Area Warriors voice

“I don’t say that they win the series because only nine teams out of 241 have ever come from 3-1 down, but you can’t win three in one day. What you have to say is, ‘Hey, there’s three games to win, but two of them are at ORACLE and you’re 39-2 each of the last two years in that building.’ You already spanked Oklahoma City in Game 2, and really for over half – maybe even three-quarters – of Game 1, you were the better team. So I don’t think there’s a lack of confidence at ORACLE. I just think that OKC’s a buzz saw right now, and for the Warriors, they just have to play a lot better.”
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CHRIS FEDOR – 5/26/16
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan Cavs insider

“I think what it comes down to is Toronto has shown throughout this postseason that they’re just a different team away from Air Canada Centre. They’re now 2-7 on the road so far here in the playoffs and they average 10 less points per game away from the Air Canada Centre. So when they have to travel and they have to come to Cleveland–  and Cleveland has shown to be the better team in this series already – it’s been an uphill battle for them.”
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Sharks radio voice

“But he has been so responsible. I think he’s been one of the best defensive forwards in the game this year, and that really is one of the reasons why he ended up on the other side of the rink with opportunities offensively with an 80 point season and with a great postseason that he’s having. Check out the game tonight. How many times did he go back and make great defensive plays, and yet there he is getting his 100th career playoff point on that first goal that Pavelski scored.”
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Bay Area News Group Warriors insider

“Everybody was heartbroken about the Warriors, (but) the Sharks won. That was excellent timing by San Jose to make their first Stanley Cup because it was pretty depressing after the Warriors came home with their tail between their legs. It was great timing. And you know what? I think the way people kind of got off the Warriors – not just with the Sharks, but in general (with thinking), ‘They’re done’ – I think that helped (the Warriors) say, ‘Now we’re the underdog again. We’re back in a familiar place. We’re just going to go play.’”
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