JIM BARNETT – 5/31/16
CSN Bay Area Warriors TV analyst

“If you took Reggie Miller and you took all the great shooters and they took Steph Curry’s shots, their percentage would go way down. He takes what you would call bad shots, but they’re not bad shots for him. It’s unusual. Just totally unique.”
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STEVE MEARS – 6/1/16
NHL Network analyst

“Matt Murray is just steady as he goes. He’s getting the job done for the Penguins. It’s unbelievable to see how many good goalies – Lundqvist, Holtby, Quick, Elliott – have been dispatched by these two guys that we never thought would be in a Stanley Cup Finals going head-to-head.”
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Former Warrior

“So basically as a rookie, he knew what he did in college and he was trying to figure out (if he could do the same thing in the NBA) with bigger, faster and stronger people.”
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KEN BERGER – 6/3/16
CBSSports.com NBA insider

“I think their best chance is just to try to disrupt and limit Curry and Thompson as much as they can and force everybody else to beat them. Their gamble, if you can call it that, is that it’s not going to happen three more times – and at the very least, it won’t happen on the road. You would expect role players and bench players to play much better at home, where they’re comfortable and they have the crowd behind them. Going to Cleveland it’s a different story.”
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