SEAN GRANDE – 6/7/16
Bellator on Spike TV voice

“It was amazing to me how much reverence Kimbo had for Gracie and his legend in the sport and the history of it. That’s when you realized that Kimbo Slice appealed to so many different people with his personality. And yeah, (there was) the fighting and the YouTube stuff and people followed him because of that, but there has to be a lot more than that. There’s a lot of guys that just fight. There are very few that bring eye balls and just connect with people through a TV screen the way he did.”
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JAMIE BAKER – 6/7/16
Former NHL player and current Sharks TV analyst

“That’s what it is, every single year. It’s the weirdest thing. You have almost a 70 percent chance of winning if you score the first goal, and Pittsburgh has scored the first goal in all four games. So San Jose has been chasing the game. You want to force the other team to have to open things up. It’s a series of two or three mistakes, and then boom: They quick-strike you and now they’ve got the lead. Ultimately, that’s been one of the defining moments of the Stanley Cup Finals so far in the first four games.”
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CBS Sports soccer analyst

“If you are convinced as a federation or as a president, Sunil Gulati, that that’s the way to go because the players are not responding to the instructions or the overall theme that Jurgen Klinsmann wants to do, (then you make a change). In all fairness, I’ve been fired several times in MLS. I’ve won a MLS cup as well. That’s the way it goes. He’s under pressure, he’s handled the pressure very gracefully right now, and I still think he’s a guy that eventually can stay on and do well. But you’re judged on results. At the end of the day, if they don’t make it out of group play, if they lose against Paraguay (on Saturday), I really think a change is inevitable and needs to be made.”
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KURT HELIN – 6/9/16
NBC analyst

“And again, how much better defensively were they? Without tipping any confidences, I will tell you that there were people within the Golden State organization that were hoping Kevin Love would play, which should tell you everything you need to know. They think they can get him and exploit him and that he hurts their defense more than he helps their offense in this series. Kevin Love does some good things, but it’s a bad matchup in this series. We’ll see what happens.”
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