MATT MOORE – 6/13/16
CBS Sports NBA writer

“It gives no indication that it will swing the series. I actually kind of believe the Warriors will win (Game 5) simply based off of the momentum and the fact that teams down 3-1 tend to roll over on the road. But it does certainly change the dynamics of how those matchups play out.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 6/14/16 writer

“He hasn’t been an impact player. He had 17 points and 13 rebounds in Game 2, and it was negated because Draymond totally outplayed him. I think you have to look at this long term after the series no matter what happens. How effective can you be as a team with Kevin Love as your third option? If this is all you’re going to get from him on this stage, you clearly can’t keep him around long-term. It just won’t make sense.”
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MATT ADAMS – 6/15/16
Golf Channel analyst

“I think Dustin has such immense natural skills that he relies on it and he lets strokes pitter away here and there, thinking, ‘Well, I’ll birdie this hole or I’ll eagle that hole where nobody else probably will.’ Until he gets an overall strategy of discipline and doesn’t allow these strokes to leak away, I don’t know when his time is going to be. It could be anytime because of how talented he is, but it’s always the six-inch fairway between his ears that’s always the question.”
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