AUSTIN CARR – 6/21/16
Cavs TV analyst

“I got a little emotional because I’ve been here from Day 1. To see them try to get the monkey off their back and watch LeBron come back – I always said when he left, he went to college, and when he came back, he had graduated. He was a man. You could just see his leadership picked up and the team was willing to follow him.”
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CBS Sports soccer analyst

“I think there was a pretty defining moment for Jurgen Klinsmann, who predicted or said they would get to the semifinals, and a lot of people (doubted that) with Columbia in the group and with Paraguay in the group and a potential encounter with Ecuador. That was going to be tough. But you know what? They grew into this tournament, they got a great result against Paraguay after their first loss against Colombia, who’s a very good team and might end up in the finals against Argentina. (Klinsmann) somehow found the right chemistry and the right staring 11, and he was able to play those through the group phases until (DeAndre) Yedlin got the red card and he had to make one change.”
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LEIGH KLEIN – 6/23/16
SLAM Magazine and Five Star Basketball CEO

“The ceiling is higher for him if these different things could come quicker than not. The big thing that I think that we miss when we look at the draft is there’s sort of an environment that you can succeed. Certain teams provide that environment a lot easier than others. So to me, as big a question as anything else that I wonder is (whether) Philadelphia (is) the right environment for Ben Simmons to be successful? I don’t know that we could say that’s the case.”
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The Oklahoman Thunder writer

“I think Kevin will probably like it, but if he’s going to go to the Warriors – because that’s the biggest rumor out there – I’m not sure keeping Serge or making this trade for Oladipo changes that.”
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