Legendary MLB writer

“Their farm system is so good, they can turn around and make a deal or two eventually to get more pithing help. It’s really important to get Darvish off the disabled list. They’re really good they’ve changed their personality from a slugging team to a really great line-drive team. It’s really fun to watch.”
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TIM BONTEMPS – 6/28/16
Washington Post NBA writer

“And if those guys all stay home, all of a sudden you’re talking about signing guys like Marvin Williams and Jeremy Lin and Luol Deng – guys that are nice players, but those all quickly become the best players available, other than Dwight Howard, who, again, is an older player (in decline) who’s up for a giant contract. For all the money that’s going to get spent, there’s a lot of potential for bad contracts because there’s just not the caliber of player out there to spend it on that you’d expect.”
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TASHA BUTTS – 6/29/16
Former Tennessee basketball player

“She taught us about how to lean on one another, that loyalty. That is something I will continue to teach our kids. Respect yourself and others. That goes a long way. Handle failure as you handle success. Those are just a few things she taught us and put is in those situations. But for us, the Lady Vols, that was not a list of phrases. That was a way of life.”
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BOBBY MARKS – 6/30/16
The Vertical analyst

“I think your depth is probably at the center position. Your point guard is very weak. We don’t know next summer what kind of rules we’re going to have. We could potentially have a new collective bargaining agreement, so some of the rules could be changed here. It’s almost like the housing market. There’s so much money out there that eventually this thing could burst. The deals this summer could really backfire on you possibly next year.”
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AMY TRASK – 7/1/16
Former NFL executive

“I experienced two commissioners, and look, the commissioner works at the behest of 32 owners. We can look at the commissioner, but we should also look at owners. Grading Roger on a curve, I grade him very well.”
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