Now that Tom Brady’s appeal has been denied, is it possible that Deflategate has actually come to an end and we can stop hearing and talking and debating and analyzing this 18-month-old saga?

“It feels that way, but there still seems like there’s a minuscule chance for Tom Brady to play these first four games,” 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Jim Murray told John Jastremski, who was filling in as host of CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “They’re going to go back to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and they’re going to ask them to roll it back, which they’re not going to, and they’re going kick it up to the Supreme Court. Considering the dream team of lawyers that he and the NFLPA have all put together, if you’re in his shoes, whether you’re a Patriots fan or a Dolphins fan or a Browns fan – whoever it happens to be – you got to realize that if you’ve come this far and you’ve paid this much money, why would you stop? So you take one more shot, you try the Hail Mary, for lack of a better term, and hopefully you can get this in front of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she’ll give you the stay and Tom Brady gets to play these games and we’ll continue to talk about this thing for another six to 12 months.”

That said, Murray does not think the Supreme Court will hear Brady’s case, nor does he necessarily think it should.

“I think it’s gone too far,” he said. “It feels to me like it’s probably over. As I was saying today on The Sports Hub, personally, I’m over it. I think a lot of people are over it. I’m trying to spin this as a positive, and I think the positive here is that Jimmy Garoppolo is going to play these four games and the Patriots get to see what they have in this kid. If he, at worst, goes 2-2 – looking at that schedule, that’s what I think it would be – and he’s putting up close to 265 to 300 in each game, a couple of touchdowns each game, guess what? The Patriots now know they have the heir apparent to Tom Brady or they know they have a trade chip that you can get kings ransom for. You can see what guys like Matt Schaub and Matt Flynn have got from performing great in just a handful of games. You know you’ll probably flip that for a 1, a 3 and a plug-and-play player.”

As of now, Brady will miss games at Arizona and against Miami, Houston and Buffalo. Garoppolo attempted just four passes in his rookie season, completing one for six yards.

“He had a couple of flashes in some preseason game last year against the Saints and the Carolina Panthers, but that’s preseason,” Murray said. “You can’t take much from that. It seems like he can throw the pretty decent deep ball, he can look off safeties – but again, what quarterback can’t do that in the preseason? So I think considering all the other weapons that he has to work with, if those guys are out there, I think, at worst, even if they dumb down the offense, you’re looking at 2-2 because of how easy that schedule is. If Bill Belichick was able to get something out of nothing with Matt Cassel in 2008 – and that guy’s a bum – if you can do that same kind of thing here, as long as those weapons are there, I do believe that Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be bale to work with it and you’re looking at 3-1 or 2-2.”


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