The Big 12 announced Tuesday that it will formally explore adding two or four teams to its 10-team league. The rationale behind this seems pretty self-explanatory.

“Well, their analytics show that with more teams, they have more likelihood of reaching the College Football Playoff every year,” college football writer Dennis Dodd said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “It’s a percentage play. With 12 or 14, they have a 77 percent chance. If they stand pat, they have a 62 percent chance. That was the case two months ago. I don’t know why it changed minds now.”

BYU, Cincinnati, Colorado State, Houston, Memphis, UCF and UConn are among the teams generating the most Big 12 buzz. Interestingly enough, the Big 12 seemingly cares less about who they add and more about expanding in general.

“Yeah, they really don’t (care which schools join),” Dodd said. “Because the ones you keep hearing about, there’s no obvious choice there. What are the six? BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, UCF maybe – and that’s about it. It will probably be among those five or six, the two or four that get picked. Those are Group of Five schools. There’s a reason they are Group of Five schools. The market has spoken in the past that they are not worth of being in a Power Five (conference) because they don’t draw the ratings, they don’t have as big a stake in football as some of these other schools. But the Big 12 needs warm bodies right now and those will suffice.”

It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming days and weeks, but one thing is certain: Big 12 expansion is music to Baylor’s football-shamed ears.

“Baylor is hitting its knees and thanking expansion for taking it off the front page,” Dodd said. “This meeting of the Big 12 presidents, we were led to believe, was going to decide maybe what fate or penalties Baylor would face for not being forthcoming to the conference about everything that’s gone on. They made a good presentation today. They made a favorable presentation today. What we heard was the presidents were satisfied and Baylor moves on, for better or worse. I had said and wrote in the past it’s going to be a self-inflicted death penalty because they’re going to lose two recruiting classes. But be that as it may, it was a very awkward and fractured Media Days Monday and Tuesday because we talked little about football. We talked about Baylor, we talked about the mistakes Baylor had made, and we talked about Baylor possibly being kicked out of the conference. There’s some pretty good football in this league, but we really didn’t talk about it for two days.”


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