MATT ADAMS – 7/18/16
SiriusXM host and British Open radio reporter

“It was really straightforward. He hit 78 percent of the greens, which was an incredible percentage because of the winds out there and the way the golf course was playing. But the difference with Henrik is that he used to get nervy on the greens, and he wasn’t nervy at all. He had this sense that he was destined to win this Open Championship no matter what Phil Mickelson did, and he went out there and believed and trusted himself.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 7/19/16
MLB analyst

“They’re staggered all over the place. (Teams could) lose significant dollars. It would be really tricky to pull this thing off. I don’t know if there would be some kind of rebates or refunds or if Major League Baseball would pay the difference. I don’t know. It would be a tough sell. But A few extra off days, I don’t know if fans would really notice the difference. I think that’s the big one. Would they really notice eight less games from their team? From that sense, I’m probably not in favor of it.”
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DENNIS DODD – 7/20/16 college football writer

“Because the ones you keep hearing about, there’s no obvious choice there. What are the six? BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, UCF maybe – and that’s about it. It will probably be among those five or six, the two or four that get picked. Those are Group of Five schools. There’s a reason they are Group of Five schools. The market has spoken in the past that they are not worth of being in a Power Five (conference) because they don’t draw the ratings, they don’t have as big a stake in football as some of these other schools. But the Big 12 needs warm bodies right now and those will suffice.”
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CBS Sports and NFL Network analyst

“They’re biting their nails. What they do not want players to do – as you saw last year on the Fourth of July with the unfortunate accident with Jason Pierre-Paul – we see players making (bad choices). We want good, sound, solid decision-making from these players so they can get to training camp in one piece so that they don’t derail their opportunities to take the field, whether it’s through a suspension or some kind of freak injury. They want players to get back in the building. Coaches feel much better when they’re under the control of the team, under the watchful eye of the team. A lot of free time, as we have seen, is not good for all players.”
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