MIKE FERRERI – 7/25/16
KOMO-TV Seattle sports director

“It comes down to this is a sport, people have fun playing it, you grow up playing it and people could relate to him because he looked like he was having a good time. Even though he was getting paid millions of dollars and that was his job, he never looked like he was having a bad day. That was just the draw of Ken Griffey Jr. He made it look so easy with that swing and the way he played defense. You could count on him for some dose of excitement. When Jr. was up, you didn’t go get a hot dog. You knew something could happen.”
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Chicago 670 The Score host

“Cubs fans have been dreaming now and having nightmares for 108 years. I think everybody takes a look at this as a positive obviously. There’s some controversy because of Chapman’s history and there will be some people who protest – and rightfully so – for their beliefs. But the Cubs said they did their due diligence on his domestic-violence history, that he’s repentant about it, that he put it in the past, that he’s been an angel ever since supposedly. That all remains to be seen how it pans out.”
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Former tennis pro

“Not only Venus and Serena, but Madison Keys, Sloane Stephens and Coco Vandeweghe. These are all potentially Grand Slam winners at some point. They’re not there yet, and we do have the most players in the top 100 that are female than any other country. So we’re not doing that poorly on the women’s side outside of Venus and Serena, but we certainly have a lot of work to do on the men’s side.”
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WILL HARRIS – 7/28/16
Astros closer

“I don’t know what the scouting report is on him, if there is one – because he hits strikes, he hits balls, he hits the ball the other way, he pulls the ball, and if he hits it just soft enough to the shortstop, he’s going to beat it out every time. So it’s a unique skill set that he possesses that you don’t see around the league really in anyone. I just feel lucky I get to see him play every day. He’s definitely an MVP-caliber player. Hopefully he can win enough games this year to where he can take that hardware home.”
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DARA TORRES – 7/29/16
Former U.S. swimmer

“But I’m taking precautions, too. I’ve hired a security guard or body guard to hang out with my daughter and husband and I while we’re over there. That makes me real nervous. They may see something happening in the background or in front of us that I might not notice if I’m walking and will protect us. So it does make me nervous and I’m definitely taking precautions, but I’m hoping that at an event as wonderful as the Olympic Games – those five Olympic rings represent each continent – that you come together and hopefully there’s some peace.”
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