Former Olympic medalist

“Yes, it’s a big city and probably someone might get mugged, but that’s probably because you’re doing something that’s not thoughtful, you’re not being fair to the city, and if you stay within the Olympic envelope, you’re going to be just fine.”
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MIKE FISHER – 8/4/16
105.3 The Fan Cowboys insider

“He’s a good soldier. They’re not worried about him, and knowing him, I’m not either. Randy Gregory has prioritized marijuana over football, and you can have serious doubts about whether he plays at all this season. Even with those guys, you don’t have proven pass rushers here. I think the Cowboys will end up making a trade for a pass rusher. Whether it’s in the next three days or the next three weeks, I think there will be a headline-grabbing trade for an NFL pass rusher. And even then, this team’s fate for this year is they better score 30 points a lot – or they’re not going to win a lot of games.”
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SETH PAYNE – 8/5/16
Former NFL DT

“Nobody around here is going to question his toughness at all. That’s when I really realized that players were viewing things differently. A couple years ago, he got dinged in a game and he was coming to the sideline and he’s pointing to his head and knew that he needed to be taken out. I think up until four years ago or maybe even the previous season for Brian Cushing, most players, they would have thought, ‘Oh, I just got my bell rung, and that’s all there is to it.’”
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