by Isaac Feldman


For me, 2016 comic book movies have been an absolute insult to my 20 years of superhero moviegoing.  When the plot is so awfully written, with no flow, poor dialogue, and horrible casting, I’m the real fool for continuingly wasting money.

Anyway, Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer (Fury) parallels with Batman vs Superman, which is DC’s response to Marvel’s The Avengers. The Avengers set the precedent for multiple superheroes fighting on screen at once, and it still stands as the best. The two Avenger movies had an easy recipe for success: let these comic book legends be the story. It’s that simple. I understand that casual fans won’t know a character like Captain Boomerang, but it’s a clean slate, give me a reason to love them. These characters were weakly sewn, funneling towards the worst character in the movie: The Witch…yes a witch!… Ayer tried to make us root for an irrational clash of magic vs logic.

The cast was the strongest asset of the movie, at times saving the poorly written dialogue. Will Smith and Margot Robbie (Focus) provided great comedic relief and memorable back and forth banter, but that’s about it. Nothing from this movie will carry into next year’s Justice League, which NOW is Warner’s golden goose considering critics have annihilated their latest attempts.

Without spoiling Suicide Squad’s ending, it involved something that has never been in the DC Comics universe. It was watching a car crash in very slow motion.

So was there pressure to rush out films to catch up to Marvel’s consistent success, considering that DC’s last great film was The Dark Knight (2008)?

Yes, most definitely!

It blew up in their face.

Financially, Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad were no-brainers. BvS made over $300 million and SS will probably make well over $250 million (unless DC fans wise up). The Avengers racked up $623 million domestically, landing the #5 spot on the all-time gross list. So my point is, if you throw superheroes on a screen people will show up, BUT if you throw superheroes on screen with a decent plot you can really cash in!

Batman vs Superman was ripped apart by critics but Suicide Squad made BvS look like an Oscar contender.  Now I give Warner Bros. credit for taking a huge risk, making a strictly-villain film. In theory it sounds cool having The Joker and his henchmen run around Gotham chaotically while Batman conjures up a plan to foil their plans. Instead we got a poorly edited, pointless film of sensitive “super villains.” I respect the effort, but in the end there was simply no direction. I really wanted to break down the film in more depth, but enough is enough with these crappy blockbusters. This review is more of a statement against the current superhero-movie funk we’re in! The fans aren’t stupid.

My Score: C-

Plot: C

Cast: B

Script: D

Cinematography: D


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