The San Diego Chargers are playing hard ball and have no problem with people knowing that. The franchise withdrew its latest offer to Joey Bosa this week and then released a statement essentially pinning the contract standoff entirely on the Ohio State product.

This is getting a wee bit awkward.

“I can’t remember a single instance of this happening,” NFL writer Sean Wagner-McGough told John Jastremski, who was filling in as host of CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Also, keep in mind this is the longest holdout since the new CBA was in place, which was designed specifically to make sure that stuff like this did not happen. And now here we are. It doesn’t look like Joey Bosa is going to be playing in the first game, and even if he is on the roster, how much will he be able to make an impact? So no, I can’t remember anything like this. The Chargers really did a public shaming of Bosa. That statement just screamed, ‘Don’t blame us. Blame the player.’ Even if the two sides come together, (that statement is) not good for the relationship moving forward.”

But are the Chargers being cheap, or is Bosa being greedy? Who is more at fault here?

“I would say it’s 100 percent on the Chargers,” Wagner-McGough said. “And look, they have a history of being cheap with players. It’s one reason why way back when Eli Manning did not want to play there. That’s one reason why. The CBA was already designed to make sure that rookies did not get so much guaranteed money. You probably remember Sam Bradford getting millions of dollars and then barely playing. And that was sort of like, ‘Okay, rookies can’t be making that much money.’ So they made sure that there was a ceiling for how much rookies could make.’ And now it seems like the Chargers want to make sure (that Bosa doesn’t make as much money) if (he) doesn’t pan out. To me, that’s just a team being cheap.

“The players in the National Football League don’t get guaranteed contracts,” Wagner-McGough continued. “They should be trying to get all the money that they can. You took this guy No. 3 overall. You need him. For me, the deal is going to come together. I really think that. But to publicly shame him ahead of time? The fact that this has gotten this ugly is entirely on them.”

Ultimately, Wagner-McGough believes the two sides will come together and that there’s absolutely no chance that Bosa sits out the entire season.

“Look, he needs the Chargers,” Wagner-McGough said. “He needs the money. The Chargers need him. Again, it will be a somewhat uncomfortable situation when it does happen. But you got to remember for him to be the No. 3 pick in the draft, a lot of things had to go his way with two teams trading up to take quarterbacks (and) with the (Laremy) Tunsil incident (happening) the night of the draft. I know Jason La Canfora (said) maybe he’s not even a top-10 pick if all that happens. So he can’t risk taking an entire year off and then who knows where he slides to?”


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