MATT MOORE – 8/22/16 NBA writer

“The reason is because Jerry Colangelo is still in charge. They’re still going to (have) the same approach. They’ll still want to carry on some level of continuity. The offense, you hope, will kind of be a little bit more modern, will kind of have a little more kick to it. It’ll be interesting to see how he’s able to manage all of those different egos and (how the) dynamic plays out – because there is a lot of that that goes into this and that’s something that Popovic never has to worry about because of the Spurs. Having to deal with that dynamic will be something very interesting to watch as we head into FIBA play in two years and then again in Japan in 2020.”
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JOE PISCOPO – 8/23/16
Host of The Joe Piscopo Show

“And you know what? I didn’t want to exploit him, No. 1. You don’t want to exploit somebody like that. He’s a friend. Dwight’s a friend. Doc Gooden’s a friend. One of the greatest athletes of all time. An icon certainly in New York and in Major League Baseball. Do I see something? Does he look like maybe something could be askew? That’s not the question. If you see a friend and he’s not doing good – like with Darryl Strawberry or a son or the girlfriend – don’t go to the press, man. I gave the airways to Doc Gooden because I thought it was so unfair the way the press was treating this great man, this nice guy. Now, and I said to him on the air, ‘We love you, man. We’re here.’ Is something up with Dwight that we don’t know about that we got to help him with? Maybe. I’m his friend. We’re going to be there. But all of those who are friends with Dwight are upset because it played out in the press and that’s what hurt Doc most of all.”
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SEAN WAGNER-MCGOUGH – 8/25/16 NFL writer

“They should be trying to get all the money that they can. You took this guy No. 3 overall. You need him. For me, the deal is going to come together. I really think that. But to publicly shame him ahead of time? The fact that this has gotten this ugly is entirely on them.”
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CHRIS WESSELING – 8/26/16 writer

“They had to go through the whole Greg Hardy thing last year. Let’s have some fun with Dak Prescott. Sure, the Cowboys have been coaching him up really well and allowing him to play with Dez Bryant and a great offensive line, which obviously helps him. He’s done a lot of play-action, he’s done a lot of boot-action, a lot of plays where there are defined windows, which make it easy for him – which is what we call great coaching. So I think he’s got a lot in his favor, but it’s hard to be any more impressive than Dak Prescott has been.”
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