Ray Ratto is pretty good at hitting curve balls out of the park, so Amy Lawrence didn’t waste any time teeing one up for him Monday night:

What is worse than the Los Angeles Rams?

“Global famine,” Ratto, the CSN Bay Area columnist, said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “There aren’t a lot of other things I can go with. Pestilence. A meteor hitting. They were hideous tonight. They were easily the worst of the 32 teams in Week 1. They were Eastern Michigan. I don’t know how better to put it. I will stand with global famine.”

The Rams lost, 28-0, in their first game since relocating from St. Louis to Los Angeles. Case Keenum was a woeful 17-of-35 for 130 yards and two interceptions, while Todd Gurley carried 17 times for 47 yards (2.8 yards per carry).

It was a nice win for the 49ers, but no one has them winning the NFC West just yet.

“Well, we (can’t judge them) for the same reason why we didn’t judge them last year after they waxed Minnesota in Week 1,” Ratto said. “I think you’ve got to see what they look like in Carolina next week against a team that is likely to be as good as the Rams were bad. After two weeks, you’ll get a sense of what their real weaknesses are and what their real strengths are. They get full credit for preventing the Rams from using Todd Gurley in any meaningful role, and for basically defensing Tavon Austin out of the game. But the rest of it was, in large part, the Rams’ essential ineptitude, their lack of creativity, their seeming lack of an offensive plan. I think they decided Todd Gurley will win the game for us or he will lose it, and when the 49ers took that away from them, they were out of ideas after one. If that’s how you want to play against all of the very worst teams in the game, you will end up not 7-9, but 3-13.”

Blaine Gabbert, meanwhile, was an efficient 22-of-35 for 170 yards and a touchdown for San Francisco. He also ran nine times for 43 yards and seems to have a firm grip on the starting job.

“In Chip Kelly’s mind, Gabbert is clearly the starter,” Ratto said. “He’s either going to have to play very poorly for an extended period of time or get hurt to lose the job. . . . I think it’s clearly Gabbert’s job, and he’s going to have to lose it pretty demonstrably for us to see a lot of (Colin) Kaepernick.”


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