TOM THAYER – 9/20/16
Bears radio analyst

“He was a great football player. If you were on offense, you wanted to earn the respect of Mike Ditka. If you got the feeling that he thought you were a good player, that’s something that you strived for. Defensively, Buddy Ryan was the leader. If you could earn the respect of Buddy Ryan – if he learned your name, rather than just your number – you knew that you earned a rung on the Buddy Ryan ladder. That’s what our culture was. I think for our era, it was about earning the respect of our position coaches, our head coach, our coordinators, and that’s the way we kind of felt we earned our stripes in the locker room.”
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Vikings DE

“You have such a short area of where you can hit them. They do a good job of protecting the quarterbacks in this league. You don’t ever want to hit them low, you don’t want to hit them high, but there’s kind of a certain area where you got to hit them. But a lot of it just comes down to just go play ball and hopefully you do everything legally and you don’t do anything wrong. But you can’t let that affect your game. Sometimes things are going to happen when you may hit them a little high or you’re falling and you kind of hit them in the legs or something like that. But I think for the most part, you go out there, you just play ball and hopefully everything works itself out.”
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Former Broncos offensive lineman

“C.J., he’s been the heart and soul of this team. He’s brought the spark offensively. In Game 1, the Broncos went about five or six straight passes to open up the game, and then they hand the ball off to C.J. and he rumbles off for 14 yards. He became the spark that the offense needed in Game 1. And then in Game 2, he just continued to do his thing. He is rumbling, he is rolling, he’s playing like one of the best running backs in the NFL right now.”
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TED JOHNSON – 9/23/16
Houston radio host

“Other than the offensive line, they got everything they need at this point. They’ve just got to execute. This franchise, they’ve never been able to beat teams when they really need to to validate themselves as potential contenders. This franchise continually loses games they’re supposed to win if they’re ever going to get over the hump and be taken seriously in this league.”
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