Marlins radio voice

“These are division rivals. The Mets are in a very good spot to make the playoffs but still fighting for their lives. The Marlins, with a magic number of nearly zero, are in desperate need of victories. But you saw that brotherhood and that empathy and that was the moment where David Van Horn, my partner, and I really lost it emotionally.”
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SAM MONSON – 9/28/16
Pro Football Focus lead analyst

“I think that’s really encouraging because it shows incredible presence of mind by Doug Pederson to understand when the game is going to be different for hm and when he can let him off the leash.”
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Fox Sports Southwest Rangers analyst

“He’s playing like that All-Star player he was in Milwaukee just a few years ago. He hit a huge home run tonight – a three-run bomb. He hit a three-run bomb last night as well and helped the Rangers win both of these games. He’s jumped into that leadoff spot, something that he’s familiar with. So the acquisitions that Jon Daniels was able to make have gotten this team to where they are right now. Without those acquisitions, I don’t know where they’d be.”
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MARK BARRON – 9/30/16
Rams LB

“You can put me in a few different positions and I’ll be a good player for you because I like to be around the ball and I run to the ball so I’m always around the ball. With the position change that I made, all they did was move me closer to the ball so I can get to everything quicker now.”
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