TOM VERDUCCI – 10/4/16
MLB analyst

“It’s not like you can beat them in the bullpen because their bullpen’s great. Their starting pitching’s great. They’ve scored more runs than every team but Boston and Colorado. They’ve allowed the fewest runs. I think their defense is the best in the last quarter of a century. So of the big things that are important in postseason play, I don’t see an obvious hole. I think what it’s going to take is someone just to completely out-pitch the Cubs. You have to better than them from inning 1 to 9, and it’s going to take a shut-down staff to do it. Low-scoring games is the way to go.”
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Toronto The Fan radio host

“It continued to surprise Buck Showalter after. I didn’t understand it and I don’t get it, but we’re thankful that he didn’t get into that game because we’ve seen just about enough of Zach Britton being in the American League East. He has just been so dominant all season long. If you’re Buck Showalter, are you not thinking to yourself, ‘Hey, I’m going to hold this guy back because we’re going to score on their bullpen before they’ll score on ours.’ So you understand the thinking, and going by numbers, he was probably right. But it’s baseball. It’s a crazy game, it didn’t work out for him and thankfully (the Blue Jays) are on to the next round.”
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MATT SNYDER – 10/6/16
CBS Sports MLB analyst

“The result doesn’t always bear out the right decision. It’s like hitting on a 19 in blackjack and getting a 2. Just because you hit a 21 doesn’t mean you made the right move. You stand on a 19. You want to lose with your best, not Ubaldo Jimenez. If you’re going to lose, it’s got to be Britton on the hill. If you’re going to go down, you’re going to go down with Familia. You don’t go down saving Familia and saving all your bulls in the bullpen.”
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KNBR radio host

“Gabbert made a half dozen incredible throws, but he also made four or five really bad throws. And the inconsistency with his accuracy is hurting the team. There’s not a lot of separation with these wide receivers, it’s not the NFL’s greatest wide receiver core, but his inconsistencies aren’t helping things.”
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