BUCKY BROOKS – 10/10/16
NFL Network analyst

“Because they have a defense, a running game and some weapons on the outside, a guy that many people had said was a bust is now looking like the No. 1 overall pick that he was expected to be and play and perform as when he came into the league.”
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670 The Score host

“It’s just littered with people who are beyond paranoid. Listen, when you have a 108-year track record of not winning anything, it’s generations of people who are paranoid about this team blowing it. Unfortunately, I’ve been privy to see it up close and personal quite a few times, not only in my youth but as a professional here. So yeah, I can understand it. It’s not going away until they win something. That’s just plain and simple.”
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Fox Sports West analyst

“I know the Rams have done well and won three games, but this city is Dodgers and Lakers first and foremost. The Rams coming back is big, but right now with the Dodgers embroiled in this crazy playoff run, it’s definitely the Dodgers. They haven’t won a World Series since 1988, so they’re thirsty for one.”
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FRANK GARCIA – 10/13/16
Former Panther and current WFNZ host

“Unfortunately right now, I see a lack of urgency and maybe a little bit of complacency set in. When you see the penalties and you have guys admitting that they’re not in shape and the little things that are taking place add up to big things, this can be replaced and fixed but that starts at the top and it trickles down all the way to the bottom. If you lose a guy like Josh (Norman), it seems like there’s a lot of guys out there that are playing above themselves and that’s what Ron Rivera pointed to. There’s going to be a come-to-Jesus moment or something that this team has to figure out. They’re just tired of being tired and getting beat up and they have to go out there and make plays. I don’t know how that changes. If you can bottle that and sell it, you’d make millions and millions of dollars because that’s one of the things that each coach each and every year is searching for for their football team.”
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GRANT PAULSEN – 10/14/16
Washington’s 106.7 The Fan host

“I was inclined to do what Dusty Baker did, which was have him start the inning. After the solo home run, the bases were vacant so he maybe could have rode with him for another batter, but they went right away to start playing some match-ups. . . . But everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the bullpen that inning.”
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