MIKE MELTSER – 10/17/16
Houston 610 host

“This offense was dreadful against the Patriots. They were dreadful against Minnesota last week, and they were underwhelming in the three other wins before this one. If there are people who are happy with that, that’s not something I want. If anybody knows Bill O’Brien at all, it’s not exactly a shock if he gets into a shouting match with a player. So I don’t view it as a big deal. They’re not going to kill each other. They’re not happy because the offense hasn’t been playing well, and if that’s the case, I am completely fine with that.”
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JIM ROSENHAUS – 10/18/16
Indians radio voice

“Whenever the game seems to be at the breaking point and they need to shut it down, whether that’s the fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth inning, that’s when they bring him on and they save Cody Allen for the end. Well tonight, they flipped it. But that flexibility has been such a big key and him being here has allowed them to do that.”
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Los Angeles Times MLB writer

“Kenley is in there, he’s hot, he’s got the momentum on his side. But with three straight games, I can’t see him going two innings in each of the next two games. You saw what the Cubs did against the Giants in that clincher with four runs in the ninth. I don’t think Dave Roberts wants to take any chances of something like that happening again.”
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BILL REITER – 10/20/16
CBSSports.com columnist

“After the game, he was like, ‘You know what? I haven’t been very good. This feels like such a relief. It feels like I’m back,’ He’s not just saying it. He’s not just spitting words. This is a guy who hasn’t been himself. He was after this performance. I think it’s really good news for the Cubs, and I think it’s really bad news for the Dodgers.”
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