ADAM GREEN – 10/24/16 and 98.7FM host

“He had a bad game in Buffalo with four interceptions, and then the next week against the Rams he had an interception in the end zone. Outside of that, he hasn’t been as good as he was last season, but he also hasn’t been really bad or anything like that. The biggest thing for him is health, but I think tonight he looked pretty good for the Cardinals. If nothing else, that was one of the positive developments for Carson Palmer. His arm strength looked good, his accuracy looked good and his decision-making was fine.”
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SHAWN DROTAR – 10/25/16
SB Nation radio host

“Absolutely, I think it’s far too soon to say that. You’re talking about a guy adjusting to a new system, a new team, his first year as a starter – I think it’s far too early to do that. But if you’re a Texans fan, you’re concerned about a few things. Osweiler maybe faced a perfect storm – a team that nows him better than anybody – but there are concerns. You look at his height – that should be a tremendous advantage, but he throws it sidearm, neutralizing that height advantage. He also tends, mechanically, to throw the ball with the tip of the ball pointed down, which causes it to sink. You see that here and there when Osweiler is off-kilter a little bit or when he’s rushed. You see those balls tend to fall short of his receivers. That’s become a problem, too.”
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RICK FOX – 10/26/16
NBA TV analyst

“(It’s) a hunger to become a champion versus now you are a champion and everyone is patting you on the back for the whole summer and singing your praises, yet everyone has been off plotting and planning how to dethrone you. So sometimes you’re rudely awakened to the reality of that when the season starts and you get a sense that everyone night in and night out really (comes) to make a name – individually and collectively as a team – against your group, and that’s going to be the case for the Cavs. Everyone has measured them as the champions, they want to knock them off, and that’s added pressure, and there’s no days or nights off.”
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STEVE WYCHE – 10/28/16
NFL Network analyst

“The 18-to-35-year-old is a target audience, but that 20-to-25-year-old audience now is very Netflix-y and Amazon Prime and things like that. I have a 23-year-old son and he doesn’t have cable. He watches things via that way. He’s a big sports fan, but he wants to watch what he wants to watch when he wants to watch it. It’s just really interesting to see if these are viewing habits or if it’s because this election is so absurd that people can’t turn away.”
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