It wasn’t the prettiest performance of his young career, but Dak Prescott still led the Cowboys to their sixth straight win Sunday night, beating the Eagles 29-23 in overtime. Prescott finished 19-of-39 for 287 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. He also ran seven times for 38 yards and a score.

Still, Prescott struggled relative to his previous starts, especially in the first half.

“It was difficult for him,” analyst Bryan Broaddus said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “The offensive line had their share of problems. Even without Bennie Logan being in there for the Eagles, they were still able to apply pressure. What Jim Schwartz wants to do is he wants to bring four-man pressure. Well, he dialed up some four-man pressure, but he also brought some blitzing with his linebackers, some secondary blitzes as well. I felt like that got to Dak a little bit. It’s not that Dak is not smart and can’t pick up things; he just hasn’t seen a lot of exotic things, and that is what Schwartz can do with his blitz packages. I felt like it really got Dak off his game to where he was having to make (tough) throws. When he moves, he’s usually very good. In this case, he was moving and he was missing throws. That’s where we normally don’t see Dak having problems. But I give Jim Schwartz a lot of credit. He gave him some looks, some muddy looks, that he has not seen, and that affected the way he played, especially in that first half.”

Cowboys fans must love what Prescott has done for the team, but they’re also starting to see some differences between the 36-year-old Romo and the 23-year-old rookie.

“Well, of course it’s the experience,” Broaddus said. “That will always be the first thing that you say. But there’s things that Dak Prescott can do as far as the mobility factor. Tony Romo is an older veteran quarterback, so you’re not going to have that mobility that he once had when he was, say, Dak’s age. The biggest difference (there) is the ability to have second-chance plays. I think we’re kind of past those days now (with Romo), but there were several throws the lasts several weeks that Romo makes in his sleep that Dak missed on. I personally feel like the offense will be even better with Romo at quarterback. He will hit the open receiver, he will get them in the right play and he will take full advantage of Ezekiel Elliott running the football and help him in his play-action game.”

Broaddus, a former scout for the Cowboys, believes Romo should start for Dallas when healthy – not just this season, but potentially next season as well.

“They’ve got a decision to make about Romo going forward,” he said. “He’s due $25 million next year. They’e got several guys playing well for them right now that are free agents. If you need money, that might be the route you have to go. But they need to figure out what they’re going to do with Tony Romo, and the only way they can do that is play him in these games. I understand people saying, ‘Hey, don’t mess with a winning streak,’ but you’ve got think about your team for 2017 as well. Romo could give that opportunity, or you could figure out real fast that you need to play with Dak Prescott the rest of these days.”


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