BRYAN BROADDUS – 10/31/16 analyst

“He’s due $25 million next year. They’e got several guys playing well for them right now that are free agents. If you need money, that might be the route you have to go. But they need to figure out what they’re going to do with Tony Romo, and the only way they can do that is play him in these games. I understand people saying, ‘Hey, don’t mess with a winning streak,’ but you’ve got think about your team for 2017 as well. Romo could give that opportunity, or you could figure out real fast that you need to play with Dak Prescott the rest of these days.”
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Former NFL WR and current Atlanta radio host

“I really do because I was hurt plenty when I played. But if you don’t take this game seriously and finish through the end zone and finish through the first-down marker and finish out of bounds, you’re going to get hurt – and that’s exactly what happened. With that said, Cam has been beat up. From the game in Denver in Week 1, there should have been more penalty flags, and then that shot in his knees should have been a flag. So I can understand where he’s coming from. I don’t know that he should have taken it to the air like that, but listen, I’m an Atlanta Falcon for life, so I’ve got no patience or mercy for Cam Newton.”
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Former Indians pitcher

“He understands the situation. There is no tomorrow for Joe Maddon last night, so you bring in your best pitcher to make sure that after they scored those two runs with Rizzo’s home run to make it 9-2, you still have to make sure that the Indians don’t have any breath whatsoever last night. That’s the reason that Joe Maddon kept him in. You have to make sure as a manager that that team on the other side does not have any breath whatsoever to come up and try to get anything going, especially with the home crowd.”
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BRUCE LEVINE – 11/3/16
670 The Score MLB analyst

“Joe’s been a super manager all year. The Cubs would not be here if he didn’t manage this team. The way he handles people is fabulous. In-game moves are usually great. He had a lousy day-and-a-half – and he still won both games. That’s how good this team was. Joe always said, ‘I can be a good manager because Epstein and Hoyer brought me in here and gave me great talent.’ No truer thing has ever been said by a manager. But he’s a fabulous guy to deal with, he’s wonderful for the players – I just don’t think he had a couple of good games here, but he won.”
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Bleacher Report columnist

“They haven’t shied away from it. They’ve sort of met it head on and embraced it and said, ‘This is what’s in the past, and we’re hellbent on not repeating that in any way whatsoever.’ In some ways, it’s like all the pressure is on them, but in some ways, they really do embrace that. The know what it takes to get (to the Finals). It’ll be interesting to see sort of how they execute that along the way. They have all the knowledge, they have all the talent. It’s really just going to come down to the execution.”
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