Raiders voice

“I thought the Raiders really struck gold (with) the fact that they were able to get him in the second round. They were able to get Khalil Mack, and we see how important Khalil has been to that defense, but also to get Derek Carr. I thought Derek Carr was the future franchise quarterback.”
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FOX Sports South college football analyst

“What’s crazy, of course, is their schedule sets up where we could have a legitimate argument for whether or not they should get in. (They have) Baylor, West Virginia and Oklahoma State (in their) last three games. A strong last month from Oklahoma, things could get really interesting. I think it would be horrible for this season for Oklahoma to be able to squeeze in. They’re just not showing they’re of that class.”
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AMY TRASK – 11/10/16
Former NFL executive

“We consume product and content differently than we did in years past, and it’s not simply the NFL that is simply declining ratings and it’s not simply sports that are seeing declining ratings. One of the ones that comes immediately to mind is the Emmy’s. We’ll see what will happen at the Oscars. We consume content differently today than we did two or three or five or eight years ago. There’s a lot of smart people at the NFL and at the television networks that are looking at this issue. I think that’s at play. I think there are other factors as well, but I don’t think we should reach conclusions until the end of the season. Let’s look at a full 17-week regular season and playoff, see what the numbers are and see how those compare to non-sport declining numbers.”
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QADRY ISMAIL – 11/11/16
Former Ravens WR

“All the top wide receivers that I ever played with or had a chance to go against, they’re fierce, competitive nature is what separates them from other receivers. The desire to go out and catch the football (and make plays), you have to give me the ball, I demand that you give me the ball and defenses can’t stop me. That’s where that challenging mindset comes in for Steve Smith Sr. I think there are a lot of guys inspired by it on the Ravens.”
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