JEN MUELLER – 12/5/16
Seahawks radio sideline reporter

“I love Earl and Earl is so passionate and Earl is so locked into the game and locked into football, and I wonder if Earl is not going to regret that tweet 24 hours from now. I think he was dealing with an awful lot, and his perspective might be different (Monday).”
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“We’re also looking to see if we’ve evaluated them on the sidelines and (even if) there wasn’t evidence of a concussion that we are still watching the athlete for signs or symptoms because it can take a little time to present.”
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CRAIG SAGER II – 12/8/16
Author, broadcaster

“I felt like he rushed back, and I wanted to spend more time with him. I couldn’t understand why we had just gone through all that and then he was returning to work so soon. I wanted to be there with him. Then he comes back, and man, did he have to battle that second time. Then he’s back again. But this time I can appreciate it a lot more. There were so many negative things in sports, and when he came back, it made me feel so much better. I had an appreciation for sports again.”
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Former Warrior and current CSN Bay Area analyst

“We say he’s 6-foot-13 because he doesn’t like to be called a 7-footer. So he’s long and he’s fast and he can chase you down and block shots that way, come over to help and blocks shots. He’s shown a lot of discipline in the defensive end, and I think that’s why he’s fit in so well – because he thinks the same way the Warriors do. He’s been great on that end and offensively he’s a willing passer. So he fits right into the way the Warriors want to play. It’s a perfect marriage.”
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