The New York Giants receiving corps was criticized for taking a trip to Miami during the week of a playoff game. It appears that criticism was justified to some degree, as the Giants – and the receivers, in particular – were a no-show in their 38-13 loss to the Packers on Sunday.

New York controlled the game for much of the first half but led just 6-0. The Packers scored 38 of the next 45 points, as Odell Beckham Jr. dropped a touchdown pass and finished with just four catches on 11 targets for 28 yards.

Should teammates be bothered by the wide receivers’ poor decisions last week?

“It’d bother me as a teammate, but it’s not like this is unheard of and it’s not like guys don’t do that,” former NFL player and current Houston radio host Seth Payne said in CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think it depends which team you’re on and which group of guys. But you’d be astounded at what really ridiculously physically gifted young guys can get away with that’s not ideal. As a veteran, I’d talk to them and probably try to talk to them about how seriously they take their careers. But look, there are a lot of teams going back through the history of NFL that have lived harder lives than what those kids did and won championships. And as far as I saw, the Giants didn’t have any defensive players on that boat. So there’s plenty of blame to go around with the Giants right now.”

Moving to the AFC, Payne weighed in on Bill O’Brien, who, according to Jay Glazer, was going to be dismissed if the Texans lost at home to the Raiders on Saturday.

Houston won, 27-14, but what do we make of these rumors?

“With Glazer, it was obviously something there because he doesn’t just make stuff up, but I don’t know what it was,” Payne said. “Everything that comes out of it, it smells an awful lot like a Sean Payton (thing where), depending on where the rumors come from, those rumors seem to benefit the coach and the leverage that the coach has and that Bill O’Brien might not be happy with the current power structure, that he might want more. I don’t know what Bill O’Brien or anybody else wants, and I don’t know whoever is leaking this, what their motive is. I do know that Bill O’Brien has a team that’s been 9-7 three years in a row. Bob McNair the owner has come out and said he has no plans of firing Bill O’Brien.

“But hypothetically, if Bill O’Brien were to think that he’s going to go somewhere else and have complete control over the personnel or if some other team thinks they’re going to get a coach who’s actually going to come in and make good in-game decisions, I think both of those parties are mistaken,” Payne continued. “Bill O’Brien has shown over time that he’s an offensive-minded coach whose offense has steadily gotten worse and worse each year that he’s been in the NFL. He’s made some really curious (decisions) . . . as a head coach that, frankly, he’s still developing in his third year.”

Case in point: the Texans averaged just 17.4 points per game this season. That tied with Chicago for 28th in football.

“Romeo Crennel and his defensive staff have done an incredible job, but the special teams have been the worst unit in the league year after year after year,” Payne said. “It seems like it would almost be impossible to pull off if you tried, and the offense has steadily gotten worse. Bill O’Brien has had heavy input into the quarterback selection and the quarterback acquisition, and even though Bill O’Brien has suffered because there’s been a lot of injuries, he’s also decided that Brian Hoyer should be the guy for the moment. He’s passed on several guys like Derek Carr or Teddy Bridgewater. Frankly, if this is some kind of a power play, I think it’s coming from the wrong guy at the wrong moment in his career.”


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