If the Raiders do, in fact, move to Las Vegas – and it appears they will – the people of Oakland will be upset. 

Very upset.

“Fans of the Raiders will get on an airplane 10 times a year and go to Las Vegas because the flights are cheap,” CSN Bay Area’s Ray Ratto joked on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “There will be some angst. There will be some unhappy people. But don’t forget: This happened to their parents 35 years ago, they really only had the team for 20, and they’ve only been really excited about the team for about six. So it’s been a hard slog for Raiders fans, and I feel for them, but it’s growing up time. It’s the proof that your favorite team doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to some rich mope, and you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that the rich mope will sometimes get an itch to make more money somewhere else because that’s what he’s supposed to do. Which is why Gail Miller and the Utah Jazz are my new heroes.”

The 49ers, meanwhile, are reportedly on the verge of signing Kyle Shanahan, who would be their fourth head coach in four years. 

“Yeah, but who’s counting?” Ratto said sarcastically. “Listen, right now the default position among most 49ers fans is Jed York ruined a good thing, so they are very wait-and-see on Kyle Shanahan because the problem isn’t really coaching. There’s no way of knowing if Chip Kelly could have turned this around because that roster was brutal and everybody said that in July. So they really performed only slightly below expectations. And when he got fired, there was a bit of a surprise. But one of the problems that Jed York has is he hasn’t developed the ability to own a football team while walking away from it. The best owners, they hire people to run the football program, and then they get out of the way. They say, ‘Keep me apprised of the things I have to spend money on, and don’t screw this up.’ Robert Kraft can be as mettlesome as anybody, but once he got Bill Belichick, he’s basically let Belichick run the football operation and you see the results. You see the results in Green Bay where Ted Thompson has a free hand in running that operation. The best teams don’t have the owner in the room all the time. The best teams have football people making football decisions. I think Jed wears his heart on his sleeve a bit too much, and so when the team doesn’t do well, he thinks it is his duty to make a change.”

The Niners went 36-11-1 from 2011-13. They’ve gone 15-33 from 2014-16 and desperately need a quarterback. 

“I don’t think they want Colin Kaepernick back,” Ratto said. “I’m not sure that Kaepernick wants to be back, but I don’t think Kaepernick is stupid enough to leave with no job. I also don’t think the 49ers would cut him loose unless they had a really good alternative. Right now, they don’t have that alternative, but they have the second pick. Maybe they go after Deshaun Watson, maybe they go after Mitch Trubisky, maybe try to sign one of the free-agent quarterbacks. That’s the first problem. If they don’t at least get that piece in place for the reasonable future, then (they’ll continue to struggle). Eventually, you die if you don’t have a quarterback.”


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