When John Lynch was named general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, Derrick Brooks had the same reaction that a lot of people had. 

“I was shocked,” the Hall of Famer said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “You probably could have thumped me on the head and knocked me over. But at the same time, I was so happy that he has this opportunity, and now it’s about me rooting for my friend to succeed.”

Brooks and Lynch were teammates for nine seasons in Tampa Bay and won Super Bowl XXXVII together. 

“I know the road to get here wasn’t traditional by no stretch of the imagination, but it’s here,” Brooks said. “It spurred debate. All of that debate is healthy and it’s good, but when the dust settles, I’m here to root for my friend and be here for him. I’ve had conversations with him since and have just kind of been a sounding board for him. Hopefully history will be made where he has a GM job on one weekend and now he goes to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the following Saturday. John is (once again) a finalist. Hopefully this is the one.”

Indeed, Lynch is a Hall of Fame finalist for the fourth straight year.

As for Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady has a chance to win his fifth ring, which would be the most in league history. 

“I have no problem crowning him the greatest to ever do it,” Brooks said. “When you look at the tenure and sustainability of his greatness, he deserves that in my generation. Obviously older players who played in a different time, they may feel different because of the guys that they saw. So I respect that as well. So you look at that sustained greatness and what he’s been able to do – different offensive coordinators over the years – but he’s been the constant at adjusting his game to fit what’s right for their team. That’s what makes him great – that adaptability and that consistency to do it, that inner drive to do it. He’s one of the more competitive guys at doing it, so he’s been rewarded with that success.”


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