Houston Chronicle sports columnist Jenny Dial Creech will remember Super Bowl LI for several reasons. One, it was the first Super Bowl she ever covered in person. And two, she had to write two stories – only no one read her first.

“I had to delete my entire story,” Creech said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I had 800 of my 1,000-word story written about the phenomenal play by the Falcons and how they surprised everyone, but then I had to turn that into one of the biggest choke jobs I’ve ever seen in my life. People think that happens all the time for sportswriters, but it’s really only happened a couple of times to me where I’ve really had to delete an entire story. So I was grateful that the game started so early so I could get things done.”


Although the Falcons created more work for Creech – and not just because the game went to overtime – she’s not complaining. Creech knows this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Covering your first Super Bowl when your home base is the host city? Yeah, that doesn’t happen often.

“For me, it was all of it,” said Creech, when asked about her memories from the experience. “I really tried to take advantage of the situation and remind myself repeatedly – even when it was stressful at times – I tried to remind myself that (I’m) at the Super Bowl. This is my job. How lucky am I? Everything from what was actually going on on the field to the celebrity sightings to the various singing that happened – whether it was before the game or at halftime with Lady Gaga’s show – I tried to really take it all in because I know there’s a million people out there that would really love to be in that building that day, and I got to be one of them.”


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