When Sacramento traded DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans for – let’s just say below market value – there were many reactions around the league.

“Shock, disbelief, disgust was one thing that kind of got spread around quite a bit,” CBS NBA insider Matt Moore said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “As in, ‘Are you kidding me? That’s what they got? We didn’t get a call to try and match that?’ They really just couldn’t believe what was going on. There was always kind of a sense of the chaos in Sacramento and no one knew really what was going on there or how to deal with them. I’ve always heard them described as they’re not a rational actor. They don’t behave in the way that most franchises do, but in light of what they got, people just cannot believe that that’s how it went down. For all of Cousins’ problems, he has top-five talent. That’s how good he is. And to have not gotten the kind of return they needed for him, everyone is really still kind of in shock that that’s what happened.”

While New Orleans got better in the West, it remains to be seen if Boston will get better in the East. Amy Lawrence wondered why Danny Ainge hasn’t yet packaged some of his assets to acquire a big-name player.

“He likes (all of his assets),” Moore said, laughing. “He really likes all of the assets that (he has). One executive described (trying to get a deal with Danny Ainge) as trying to squeeze blood from stone in terms of having him give up any of those assets.”

Moore did say that the Celtics could be interested in Andre Drummond. The 23-year-old is averaging 14.6 points, 13.8 rebounds and 1.2 blocks for Detroit.

“He’s a big-name player, he’s young, he fits in with the age of the rest of that core, and he solves both of their rebounding and rim-protection issues,” Moore said. “If the Celtics want to make a major upgrade that’s not in free agency and it’s not drafting a guy, they are going to have to package some of these assets. But then again, you look at what the Kings got in return for DeMarcus Cousins and that really has impacted the market. A person told me, ‘How are we supposed to expect more from Danny Ainge if the Kings are giving up DeMarcus Cousins for basically garbage?’ That’s kind of how the dynamic of how these offers and deals can affect one another.”


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