Former NFL executive Amy Trask dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss numerous NFL topics, including Brock Osweiler, Scot McCloughan and Tony Romo.

We’ll start with Osweiler, who was traded from Houston to Cleveland on Thursday, along with a 2018 second-round pick. Cleveland will also get a 2017 sixth-round pick in exchange for a fourth-round pick in this year’s draft.

Trask had many reactions to this deal.

“We don’t know yet how this is going to play out from the Browns’ perspective,” Trask said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Will (Osweiler) be on the roster when the season starts or even when training camp starts or when minicamp starts? Is he competing for the starting job? That’s what the Browns have indicated, but of course they’re going to say something to that effect. What else are they going to do? Look, this is day one of free agency, and as exciting as it was, it’s simply that: day one. Things will now slow down a bit over time. There will be additional moves in free agency as the spring goes into summer, and of course there’s the draft. So I think there’s a lot left to be seen as to how this is going to play out in Cleveland.”


And then there’s Houston.

“Think about this: They replaced Brian Hoyer after the 2015 season with Brock Osweiler,” Trask said. “And then today, Brian Hoyer was in greater demand in free agency while they are trying to remove Brock Osweiler from their roster. It’s fascinating.”

Trask also weighed in on McCloughan, who was fired as Redskins general manager Thursday – the first day of free agency.

“This has been brewing for a while,” Trask said. “The issues have been percolating. I find more troubling than the date on which the team chose to do this the manner in which the team has proceeded. Look, if Scot McCloughan does have a problem, let’s all wish him the very, very best for his recovery and for addressing that problem. And if he does have a problem, the team shouldn’t be using it or exploiting it to its own advantage. And if he does not have any sort of problem – which his representatives have indicated he does not – well then the team shouldn’t be allowing that speculation to exist and exploiting that speculation or that rumor for its advantage. Either way, this is a human being we’re talking about, and the team should not exploit that situation if it exists or that fiction if it does not exist for its own purposes. As for the timing, wow. But we saw this coming when Scot wasn’t at the Combine.”

As for Romo, he is still a Cowboy – at least for now. Despite rumors that Romo would be released, Dallas is reportedly trying to trade the soon-to-be 37-year-old quarterback.

There could be a market for him, especially among teams that likely couldn’t woo Romo in free agency.

“Maybe you (give something up to trade for Romo),” Trask said. “If (the Cowboys) do release him, there will be some competition for him. So if you really want Tony Romo and you think there’s a chance you might not get him if he is on the open market because he may opt to go somewhere else, maybe you do give something up for the security of knowing you can get him. The devil, of course, is in the details. How much are you willing to give up, if anything?”


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