After securing 31 of 32 relocation votes from NFL owners, the Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. The move will likely not occur until at least 2019, as the Raiders’ new stadium is not expected to open until 2020.

But the relocation will occur.

“When the Raiders first approached us about coming to Las Vegas, it was received pretty skeptical,” former Nevada assemblyman John Moore said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “We didn’t accept them on their word as far as you’ve left other cities, what’s in it for us? Once we got down to the nuts and bolts of it, I was assured of a commitment to Las Vegas financially that they would stay here for the life of the bond and make this work for our city. When we were up there for the special session in Carson City to vote on this, I didn’t plan on it, but I ended up being the deciding vote. I could have killed it in the assembly, and I chose not to after my meetings with (Raiders president) Marc Badain and others. I felt comfortable with my position.”

The Raiders’ new stadium will cost roughly $1.9 billion, with $750 million coming in public funding. Las Vegas residents were not happy about that, at least not at first.

“There was a considerable amount of opposition to this initially, but I can say that there is no local Nevada tax-payer money being put into this effort,” Moore said. “There is zero. That’s what the big misnomer is out there. This is being put on the backs of tourists – the 45 million-plus that come into our city every year – by a room tax. We raised the room tax by approximately $1.25 in addition to what it already is, give or take a few. So unless you as a Nevada resident chooses to stay in a local hotel, we have no impact. This is not on our backs.”

Ironically, it will be on the backs of Raiders fans who travel from Oakland to Las Vegas to support their team.

“Absolutely,” Moore said. “Not only are they going to pay to come here, (but) they’re (also) going to pay the additional $1.25 for their own team living in Las Vegas. I know that sounds arrogant and I can appreciate that, but what I’m saying is there is no Nevada tax dollars being put forward on this.”


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