Tim Brown spent 16 years with the Raiders – seven in Los Angeles and nine in Oakland. He’s happy that the Raiders will finally get a new stadium, but he’s sad that the team is leaving for Las Vegas.

But make no mistake: he’s still going to support his team.

“Oh yeah, no doubt,” the Hall of Fame wide receiver said on CBS Sports Radio’s After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “The Raiders are Raiders to me. Look, I’ve been saying for a year-and-a-half, I don’t care where they get a stadium built. I just want them to get a stadium built so they can compete for free agents on a normal, level ground like everyone else. I’m going to miss Oakland, and I think it’s going to be sad walking away from the city. But at the same time, this is the right thing, I believe, for this team, for this franchise to be able to play football in the NFL.”

There’s only one potential drawback. NFL players, by and large, aren’t financial players. They sometimes struggle with money management, and one must wonder if the added temptation of Las Vegas will be a detriment to some guys.

“Yeah, there’s obviously going to be an issue,” Brown said. “When I first heard about this a couple years ago, I called the organization (and said), ‘Are you guys crazy? Why would you put some young guys in this type of situation, these multi-millionaires?’ They said, ‘Look, Tim, these guys are multi-millionaires. You know what that means? They can fly to Las Vegas every night after practice and get back to Oakland in time if they wanted to.’ So basically saying these guys have the means to do what they want to do anyway. If you’re a boy, it doesn’t matter what city you’re in. You’re going to blow it in that city, too. From what I’m hearing, they’re going to build a facility far enough that these guys will have to take a backpack if they’re going to try to go down to the Strip. But we’ll see what happens. The other thing is, they should be on a very good football team. Sometimes that’s enough to keep guys from doing something crazy.”


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