It’s rare for the fan base of a No. 1 seed to be surprised that their team won a playoff game, but that’s exactly how Eagles fans feel after losing Carson Wentz to a torn ACL in December.

Yes, few people gave Philadelphia a chance to beat Atlanta this past weekend, but that’s exactly what happened. The Eagles held the Falcons scoreless in the second half and won, 15-10, and will host the Vikings this Sunday in the NFC Championship at 6:40 p.m. ET.

Eagles fans are stunned.

“It’s amazing they’re still in it,” Philadelphia WIP morning show host Angelo Cataldi said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence We’re pinching ourselves going, ‘We lost Wentz in the early part of December and we’re still playing games in the middle of January?’ We’re shocked. The whole city is shocked and trilled – because we’ve never won a Super Bowl.”



The Eagles could have folded after Wentz was injured. They didn’t – and now they’re one win from the Super Bowl.

“I love this team,” Cataldi said. “There’s no guys on this team that are like the villain, the enemy. Even when McNabb was the quarterback, it was split about down the middle on whether or not the city loved that guy. They all love Wentz, and they’re all willing to embrace Foles because he’s like an extension of Wentz. This is the most popular Eagles team I’ve been around in 28 years of doing this morning show in Philadelphia.”

Nick Foles was an efficient 23-of-30 for 246 yards against Atlanta to give second-year head coach Doug Pederson his first playoff win.

“Doug is really growing on us,” Cataldi said. “You know why? Because he’s not the Andy Reid clone that we thought he was. Andy Reid had five shots at this. He only got to the Super Bowl one of the five times, and he repeatedly in 14 years here wouldn’t answer a straight question, acted like a robot, did a lot of things that frustrated the fans. Pederson is remarkably honest. He’s like the guy sitting at the bar stool next to you. You can really have a conversation with him and learn a little bit about what he’s thinking. We love the guy – and we will continue to love the guy until he loses.”

What happens then?

Said Cataldi, chuckling, “All bets are off.”


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