For now, Matthew Stafford is the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. On the one hand, that’s completely fair; Stafford has seven consecutive seasons of 4,200+ passing yards and four seasons of 30+ touchdowns. On the other hand, it’s completely ludicrous; Stafford is 0-3 in the playoffs.

Ultimately, is Stafford an elite quarterback?

“Right now, we go back and forth on using that term,” former Lions All-Pro receiver Herman Moore said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Elite statistically, yeah, he has some stats. There’s a category of being an elite quarterback when you go out and win playoff games and championships and you can lead teams to that. He hasn’t hit that level. That speaks for itself.”



Stafford, the No. 1 overall pick in 2009, has led the Lions to the playoffs just three times – and lost in the Wild Card each time.

The regular-season stats were there; the playoff wins were not.

“Everyone wants to group those and lump those things together, and you can’t,” said Moore, who payed for the Lions from 1991 to 2001. “There’s players that are going to have great statistics that never go to a Super Bowl, but then there are those that got both. So there are different levels of elite.”

Stafford, who turns 30 on Feb. 7, has a lot of years ahead of him and could eventually become an elite postseason performer.


“Matthew Stafford is a very good quarterback,” Moore said. “He’s the right suit and the right person for the Detroit Lions. He solidifies and stabilizes that side of the ball with his play. However, to get to that level of being an elite guy that wins championships, it has not happened.”


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