Philadelphia will host a parade Thursday to honor the Eagles’ Super Bowl win over the Patriots, and the city has never been this excited.

“Never been close,” WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi told John Jastremski, who was filling in as host of After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “This is so much bigger than anything that ever happened here, including the ’08 championship that the Phillies had. This is football. This is a football town first, and they waited 57 years. It’s Thursday, and people still don’t believe it actually happened. It’s an amazing story. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’m so glad I held on this long just to experience it.”



Nick Foles was thrust into the starting lineup in December following Carson Wentz’s knee injury. The early results were not promising.

Sure, Foles had a great game against the Giants, but he was 19-of-38 for 163 yards, one touchdown and one interception in a 19-10 win over the Raiders on Christmas. The following week, on New Year’s Eve, he was 4-of-11 for 39 yards and a pick in limited action in a 6-0 shutout loss to the Cowboys.

It was ugly.

“I had bailed on them weeks before that,” Cataldi said. “We were out in California when Wentz went down. They won that game, and I came on the next morning from L.A. and said, ‘Well, it was a really nice win, but the season just ended.’ I was the last guy that saw what was about to happen.”

When the postseason arrived, though, Foles flipped the switch. In the NFC Championship and Super Bowl, he threw for 725 yards, six touchdowns and one interception. He also had a receiving touchdown on a trick play that will live in Super Bowl lore forever.

“No one saw this coming, that a guy could end up playing the way he does in the following three games,” Cataldi said. “No one saw it. It’s amazing.”


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